Anna Markland


Anna Markland

Medieval Romance Author

Anna Markland is a Canadian author with a keen interest in genealogy. She writes medieval romance about family honour, ancestry and roots. Her novels are intimate love stories filled with passion and adventure. Following a fruitful career in teaching, Anna transformed her love of writing and history into engaging works of fiction. One of the things she enjoys most about writing historical romance is the in-depth research required to provide the reader with an authentic medieval experience.

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Her medieval romance novels include:

Conquering Passion by Anna Markland A Man Of Value by Anna Markland If Love Dares Enough by Anna Markland Passion In The Blood by Anna Markland

Defiant Passion by Anna Markland Dark and Bright by Anna Markland The Winds of the Heavens by Anna Markland

Carried Away by Anna Markland Sweet Taste of Love by Anna Markland Wild Viking Princess by Anna Markland


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