Dana D’Angelo

Dana D’Angelo

Medieval Romance Author

Website: Dana D’Angelo

Dana is the only girl from a family of nine children. As a teenager, there was a constant battle for the T.V. remote, which she lost, so she was forced to find her amusement in books. A friend got her into romances, and soon she read as many as ten romance novels per week, spending hours with her nose pressed between the pages, skipping meals and cutting out sleep. Life, it seemed, wasn’t as exciting or interesting as in the Medieval or Regency eras.

It wasn’t until she was married with two young kids that she decided to take a stab at writing her own historical romance novels.

She is intrigued with the idea of writing romantic stories that could bring hours of enjoyment to readers, help them escape from reality, and perhaps remind them how sweet love is and should be. These are the things that she enjoys as a reader, and these are the things that she wants to give back as a writer.

Dana lives in a city east of Toronto, Canada. When she’s not writing or reading, she’s dining at local restaurants with her husband and kids and enjoying spectacular foods of the world.

You can learn more about Dana by visiting www.dana-dangelo.com

Her medieval romance novels include:

One True Knight by Dana D'Angelo - a medieval romance novelA Knight's Duty by Dana D'Angelo

Her medieval romance novellas include:

Medieval romance novella - The Promise by Dana D'Angelo

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