One True Knight – Dana D’Angelo

One True Knight by Dana D'Angelo - a medieval romance novel

One True Knight by Dana D’Angelo

“Great Debut! I love historical romances and this one didn’t disappoint. It was a wonderful story told in a way that kept the me engaged and wanting to find out what was next.”
– Amazon Review

Book One in the Knights of Honor Trilogy


When the beautiful yet feisty Rowena de Belleville discovers her father’s plan to remarry, she fears the worst and flees her home — only to be thrust into the arms of a stranger.

Desperate to hide her identity from her pursuers, she embraces the dark stranger. But her reckless act backfires as it awakens a passion buried deep within her soul, while igniting the fuse of her mysterious benefactor.

Unable to escape destiny, their paths cross yet again. This time she learns the handsome man is Jonathan d’Abelard – the Iron Hawk, a legendary knight feared by all save one faceless killer bent on making his life a living hell…

Will her chance encounter draw them together, or ensnare her in a dangerous game of seduction, feverish desire and vengeance?


Read an Excerpt from One True Knight

“What is it?” she asked, searching his face. Her eyes settled on the long scar that ran down the length of his face. It made him look fierce, although the expression on his rugged face had turned gentle, a smile playing on his lips.

Rowena didn’t think that he was handsome at first but now up close, she had to admit that he had a rather pleasant face. She shifted uncomfortably on her feet, and became conscious of the strength and power that exuded from his body. And she was all too aware of him as the virile male that kissed her once in town and many more times in her dreams.

He stood close to her now and with one hand, he reached out to caress her soft skin. “I often lie awake at night thinking about our encounter in town,” he confessed.

She startled at his touch. “Sir Jonathan,” she managed in what she hoped was a brisk tone. She took a step back. “We are no longer in town. That game is finished. I told you that I do not wish to speak of that encounter ever again.”

“I know there’s something warm and yielding inside,” he continued as if he didn’t hear her. He traced a long finger along her jaw, leaving a burning trail of erotic heat in its wake. “I want to experience it again,” he said softly, undeterred by her icy tone.

“’Tis a mistake for us to be alone,” she said, although she remained as still as if the slippers she wore somehow had sprouted roots and became embedded into the ground.

He took her chin between his thumb and forefinger, stroking, caressing her silken skin until it tingled with awareness.

She felt her mouth go dry and she touched her tongue to her lips to moisten them.

“The only way to know for sure that I didn’t dream everything up is to taste your sweetness again,” he said, staring at her lips. “Will you indulge me?”

Unsettled, alarmed and bewildered, Rowena took another step back. “I — I think I should leave,” she said, acutely aware of the intense heat radiating from his powerful body.

“Nay,” he said. He took her by the hand, drawing her closer to him until she was an arm’s length away. “I would like it very much if you stayed.”

Beauty whinnied in protest or warning, but Rowena barely heard the palfrey over the thundering of her heart.

Relentless brown eyes imprisoned terrified grey ones. She felt herself drown in their depths. Her breathing becoming more laborious under his seductive gaze as he lifted her hand and gently kissed her slender fingertips, her palm, and then settling his warm lips at the wild fluttering pulse at her wrist.

He pulled her closer to him until she could feel his warm breath intermingling with hers…


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One True Knight by Dana D'Angelo - a medieval romance novel

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