Medieval Romance Monday – featuring Conquering Passion by Anna Markland

Conquering Passion by Anna MarklandFor this week’s Medieval Romance Monday we are featuring Conquering Passion by best selling medieval romance author Anna Markland.

Here is what Anna shared with us about Conquering Passion:

“Every amateur genealogist born in England dreams of tracing their ancestry back to the Norman Conquest. Unless you’re descended from nobility, which I am not, it’s an impossible dream. Common folk didn’t matter enough for their histories to be recorded. I decided, therefore, to create a fictitious family of Normans who came to England as a result of the invasion of 1066 AD, and follow them through successive generations in my novels.

In my research, I came across a factual story of a young Norman noblewoman forced to endure years of exile in Normandy with her psychotic father, cast out of her castle home because of a crime he committed.
I began to think about what life must have been like for her. How did she endure? I wanted to give her a happy ending, and so she became the heroine of Conquering Passion.

Sad to say, the real exile grew up to be a cruel, evil woman who married a Norman nobleman renowned for his barbarity. By all accounts they were a perfect match. She was eventually beheaded courtesy of the sword of an enraged enemy, of which she had many.

You’ll enjoy my story more!”

Read a free preview of Conquering Passion right here on Medieval Romances!  There’s also a book trailer on the preview page for your viewing pleasure.




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