Medieval Romance Monday featuring The Lady and the Falconer

A medieval romance book. The Lady and the Falconer by Laurel O'DonnellThe medieval romance novel for our latest Medieval Romance Monday feature is The Lady and the Falconer by medieval romance author Laurel O’Donnell.

Author Laurel O’Donnell has given us an excerpt from this exciting medieval romance adventure:

Logan paced the battlements, just as his father must have done all those years ago.  He clenched and unclenched his hands.  Graham had returned a few moments ago and announced that Solace was still in the village.  Where the hell was she? Logan wondered.  Around him, soldiers looked for Barclay’s troops, but his gaze swept the road before the castle for a glimpse of the girl.  In the far distance, a line of fire preceded the attacking army, a line that grew hotter and brighter as the torch-wielding warriors moved closer.  Even the falcon at his shoulder constantly shifted position, darting its head this way and that, its large brown eyes wide and alert.

Lady Alissa stood at the walls not far from him.  He heard her mutter soft curses beneath her breath.  Her hair was hidden by a red-horned headdress, which made her look like the devil himself.  Her eyes were narrowed with anger, her hands balled.

Had father been that angry with me?  The thought entered Logan’s mind unbidden.  He tried to push aside his worry for the girl and concentrate on finding Peter.  But he needed Solace to know where to begin.  A muted curse slipped from his lips.

Alissa placed her fists on the stone wall, her narrowed eyes relaxing as determination filled them.  Resolution squared her shoulders, and she raised her chin.

Logan felt doom settle like a lead ball in the pit of his stomach.  He knew the words she was going to speak, had wished many a night that his own father would have made the same command — to save the castle, to save his family.

She opened her mouth just as Logan whirled away in despair to glance at the road.  In the soft glow of the moonlight, he spotted a wagon racing toward the castle.  He breathed a small sigh of relief and closed his eyes briefly in thanks.  But lady Alissa’s words brought his eyes wide in shock.

“Close the gates,” she said.

“She’s there!” Logan shouted, pointing his finger at the wagon.

Alissa cast a dangerous glance at Logan, her brown eyes burning, and then whipped her head to face her guard.  “Do as I say,” Alissa ordered.  “Close the gates!”


You can read more about The Lady and the Falconer here.


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