Medieval Romance Monday – free ebook – the Prequel to Daughters of the Dagger series by Elizabeth Rose

Prequel - Daughters of the Dagger - a medieval romance novel series

For this week’s Medieval Romance Monday we are featuring a Free eBook from author Elizabeth Rose!

Prequel to Daughters of the Dagger series

Mirabelle de Burgh is barren and will do anything to give her husband children. She has heard of a superstition, that to buy jeweled daggers from a blind old hag will ensure she will conceive. One baby for each dagger bought.

So she secretly hunts down the old hag with the daggers who resides in the less than desirable part of town, and prepares to buy her daggers.

Though she has only enough gold for four daggers, there are five and she wants them all. This is where all her trouble starts.

 You can read more about this free ebook right here on Medieval Romances.


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