Morgen of Avalon: Child of Destiny – Carol Weakland

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The second book in the Morgen of Avalon series

Morgen of Avalon: Child of Destiny

“Ms. Weakland has created a beautiful story…a magical world filled with lush descriptions… Her Morgen is a passionate, strong willed woman, not the harpy portrayed in other books…”
– Melinda Carver, host of Positive Perspectives Radio

“A beautifully written take that plunges you into the heart of Arthurian Legend.  If you love the Camelot legends, this novel is for you!”
– C.S. Lakin, author of THE GATES OF HEAVEN series

Free Preview of Morgen of Avalon: Child of Destiny

Suddenly Merlin’s arms were around her, one settling at her waist, while the other reached up to stroke the hair from her eyes.  Time shivered and split, conveying them back to the courtyard at Caerleon.  Merlin’s lips blazed against her throat.  All was passion and stardust. “Show me what it means to be in love,” Morgen’s sixteen year old self cried.  “Be my soul forevermore!”

Closer and closer Merlin pulled Morgen, fingertips placed against the delicate planes of her forehead and skull.  “Now you know the truth,” he whispered.  “I have always loved you, Morgen.  Indeed, I love you still.  Nothing will ever change that.”

“Then why?” she breathed, conscious that he supported her weight by the slight pressure of his fingertips.  She was dizzy, falling deeper, deeper into starlight itself.  The universe cradled her in its sheltering embrace.

It was safe to tell the truth, to reveal her secret, safe and highly advisable.

“You are all stardust and moonbeam.  You share their essence.”

Merlin’s words, a haunted memory, stirred her back to the present.  The mage was sifting through her mind for answers, scouring her soul, but it did not matter.  One question drove out all other thought.

“Why did you set me free?”

“I thought that was rather obvious…  I stepped aside so Arthur would finally claim you.”

Morgen tried to respond, but found it impossible, so dazzled was she by Merlin’s celestial gaze.  She was light; she was air.

“Where is Eliana, beloved?  As her father it is my right to know.”


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